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The construction of Bahman hospital was started on the 22 of Bahman in 1380 under Islamic medical group of sanitary medical company was located in north Iran Zamin, shahrak gharb with 4 hospitalizing a ground floor and 2 basement floors 18000 square meter and the building was finished in 1386. It was inaugurated with the presence of Islamic Parliament of Iran after the hospital was fully equipped with 120 named beds & 200 official beds in Mordad of 1387 coincide with Imamzaman birthday.



  • Cardiology
  • General Surgery
  • Internal Medicine (General Medicine)
  • Nephrology
  • Neurology and Neurosurgery
  • Spinal Surgery
  • Urology


  • IPD (International Patient Department )


  • TV in the room

Prices/Services List

CABG400,000,000 IRR

Coronary Angiography60,000,000 IRR

Coronary Angioplasty 130,000,000 IRR

Coronary Angioplasty One vessels 160,000,000 IRR

Coronary Angioplasty Two vessels 180,000,000 IRR


Laminectomy120,000,000 IRR

Lumbo Sacral Surgery250,000,000 IRR

Servical Surgery180,000,000 IRR

Shoulder Surgery80,000,000 IRR

Carpal Tunel Syndrom 45,000,000

Total Knee Arthroscopy 120,000,000 IRR

Colorectal Surgery 250,000,000 IRR

Appendectomy50,000,000 IRR

Thyroidectomy80,000,000 IRR

Hemorroidectomy40,000,000 IRR

Thorasic Outlet Syndrom Surgery 80,000,000 IRR

Abdominal Hernia 50,000,000 IRR

Laparatomy 35,000,000 IRR

Inguinal Hernia80,000,000 IRR

Colecystectomy75,000,000 IRR

Cystocel Rectocel Surgery 40,000,000 IRR

Sinus endoscopic Surgery 60,000,000 IRR

Pilonidal cyst 30,000,000 IRR

Gastrectomy180,000,000 IRR

Varice Surgery 70,000,000 IRR

Mastectomy120,000,000 IRR

Thoracotomy200,000,000 IRR

Anal Fistula 25,000,000 IRR

C/S (Cesarian Section) 60,000,000 IRR

NVD (Neonatal Vaginal Delivery) 45,000,000 IRR

Hysterectomy70,000,000 IRR

D&C 25,000,000 IRR

Brain Sugery 300,000,000 IRR

Prostaectomy 150,000,000 IRR

Varicocel40,000,000 IRR

T.U.L (Trans Uretral Lithotomy) 45,000,000 IRR

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